Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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An active 40-hour training program

We offer you, our valued customers, an active training program of 40 hours, both theoretical and practical, with our expert staff in the use of polyurethane machine, polyurethane spray application, marketing and sales.

Choosing the right equipment for polyurethane spray foam applications is extremely important to produce a quality job and ensure customer satisfaction. For this reason, when purchasing a polyurethane spray foam machine, you should be very careful about the quality, performance and durability of the brand and model you will choose.

The ATG brand is a leading brand producing high quality polyurethane spray foam equipment. ATG spray foam machines are made of quality materials and have a long service life. These machines, with their high pressure and high capacity pumps, provide high performance even under the toughest application conditions.

ATG spray foam machines are also easy to use and simple to maintain. Thanks to these features, while making your workflow more efficient, it also reduces your operating costs.

As a result, ATG spray foam machines are the perfect choice for performing high quality work, ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

Prices for equipment used for spray foam insulation and polyurea insulation depend on many factors. These factors may include model, features, equipment, production capacity, place to purchase, and intended use.

Also, apart from the purchase cost, the maintenance and operating costs of the machine should also be considered. Buying a quality machine can reduce operating costs and offer a longer lifespan.

As a result, choosing the right equipment for spray foam insulation and polyurea insulation is extremely important to do a quality job, ensure customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs. That's why it's important to do careful research before purchasing a machine and choose a machine that fits your needs.

Note that prices are generally variable and more information is required to determine the correct price for a particular machine model and brand. For this reason, if you want to know the exact price, we are happy to answer your questions and give you a price.

Yes there is. With our H19-S machine, you can achieve excellent results in polyurea bed liner spray machine. H19-S Click to view our polyurea vehicle coating machine.
Polyurea cannot be applied with a polyurethane machine due to the high pressure and high temperature requirement, but polyurethane application can be made with a polyurea machine.
No, it cannot be done. Minimum spray gun, hose, compressor and pump are needed. You can always contact us for more detailed information and questions.
Together with the machine, we sell polyurethane spray foam and polyurea raw materials to our customers.
The polyurethane machine works with high flow, low pressure (140 Bar) and low heating power. The polyurea machine, on the other hand, works with high temperature, high pressure and high energy.
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