H19-S Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine

Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine
Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine
Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine
Spray Foam Insulation Rigs
Spray Foam Machine

H19-S spray foam machine is our 5th generation hydraulic proportioner

One of the biggest advantages of this machine is huge 19 kg(42 lbs) output. This monster is the one when it comes to power, stability and max efficiency. This machine will be your biggest helper.

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A leader in it's class, designed and developed in years of hard work

H19-S polyurethane spray foam machine is a high quality polyurethane machine produced as a new generation, with the excellent experience we have gained as a result of many years, with easy maintenance and minimum faults.

With the pressure imbalance system, you and your equipment are safe in case of any pressure failure in the polyurethane spray foam machine.

The polyurethane spray foam machine, which provides maximum performance throughout the day, impresses itself in the sector with its low energy consumption.

Thanks to our new warning system, which foresees the possibilities of users such as faulty electrical connection, your polyurethane machine completes its task without interruption by protecting itself and minimizing possible malfunctions.

polyurethane spray foam machine certificate
Warranty: 2 year
Spare part Possesion: 10 year
Security: Pressure Error System
Output Flow: 19kg/min

Are you ready to meet this powerful polyurethane machine in just 2 minutes?

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Why H19-S?
Why should you choose H19-S spray foam machine?
The most popular one

The best seller spray foam machine in a lot of markets since 2019. Pride of ATG family.

Solid and fast

Great piece of equipment with very low maintanence costs and stability. Highest performance at every situation.

The most difficult applications

Reaches the highest points with 120 meter(400 ft) heated hose capasity.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine Manufacturer
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Youngest in the Family
Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine
  • Easily portable
  • No transfer pump
  • Low pressurized air need
Most popular
  • Pressure imbalance system
  • 19kg/min maximum ouput
  • Easy maintenance & minumum fault
  • Low energy
Most Equipped
G Series
Polyurethane Spray Foam & Polyurea Spray Machine
  • Generator, compressor and machine together
  • 12kg/min output flow
  • Lightest in its class
Technical details of H19 s spray foam and polyurea machine
(*) Please tell your countries electricity conditions to our sales person

Europe-Asia-Africa-Australia America
Volt 350-415 220-240
Max(KW) 27 (27.000 W) (27 kwa) 27 (27.000 W) (27 kwa)
Ampere 45 54
Phase 3 Ø Y 3 Ø Δ
HZ 50 60
Generator(KW) 33 33
Maximum Fluid Output (at 25°C ambient temperature) 19 kg/dk 19 kg/dk
Maximum Fluid Pressure (at 25°C ambient temperature) 1,5 MPa, 150 bar, 2175 Psi 1,5 MPa, 150 bar, 2175 Psi
Adjustable Fluid Pressure 30 bar - 150 bar 30 bar - 150 bar
Oil Pressure 72 bar 72 bar
Preheater(KW) 7,5 7,5
Hose Heating(KW) 4 4
Fluid Outlet Nipple (ISO) 16-1.5 metric 1/2 Unf
Fluid Outlet Nipple (POLY) 18-1.5 metric 9/16 Unf
Fluid Input Nipple (ISO) (G) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max. (Npt) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max.
Fluid Input Nipple (POLY) (G) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max. (Npt) 3/4 (2.0 MPa, 20 bar) max.
Max. Fluid Temperature 55°C / 131°F 55°C / 131°F
Max. Hose Length (Mt.) 120 120
Hydraulic Oil Capacity (Lt.) 34 34
Net weight 270 kg (270.000 gr.) 270 kg (270.000 gr.)
Voltage Codes
(*) All measurements has been made while equipments work at full power
Frequently asked questions for H19-S
  • What is 5th generation hydraulic pu foam machine?

    Firmanın bütün tercübelerini birleştirdiği yeni nesil hammaddeler ile özdeşleştirilmiş son teknoloji olmasıdır.

  • Bu makina ATG'nin kendi üretimi midir?

    Evopur makinaları ATG'nin %100 kendi üretimi olan markasıdır.

  • Tüm ülkelere gönderim var mıdır?

    Firmamız 5 kıta, 70 den fazla ülkeye ihracat yapmaktadır. Detaylı bilgi için bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

  • Makina uçak kargo ile gönderilebilir mi?

    Makinalarımız uçak kargo standartlarına uygun olarak üretilmiştir.

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