M Series Polyurethane Injection Machine

Polyurethane Injection Machine
Polyurethane Molding Machine
High pressure polyurethane injection machine

High Pressure Polyurethane Injection Machine

Our companies priority in machine designs is quality and ergonomics. M series polyurethane casting machine is used in every sector needed due to its structure. It allows you to produce in all types of polyurethane with your investment, R&D and training.

Polyurethane injection and molding machine is used in all areas of our lives in today's world, even if we are not aware of it. You can easily use our M series polyurethane machine in steel and wooden doors, filling furniture, sponge form flexsi, automotive, spare parts, refrigerator production, solar energy tank systems, defense industry, panel production and many other areas.

Polyurethane Injection Molding Machine Quality
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We provide you all equipment for M series molding machine with best price and quality.

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A simple, aesthetic and very powerful polyurethane injection machine

150 bar high pressure polyurethane injection machine provides easy operation to its users with its simple and elegant design and 15 inch touch screen.

You can expand your production line as much as you want with the polyurethane injection molding machine that you can make 1-10 ratios.

Polyurethane Injection Machine CE certificate
Mixing Head: : Cleans Itself
Head Movement: Hydraulic
Proportioning : From 1:1 To 1:10 Ratio
High pressure: 150 Bar(2175 psi)

Are you ready to meet a powerful polyurethane injection / molding machine in just 2 minutes?

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Why M Series?
Why i should choose M Series PU injection machine?
Reliable Proportioning

Thanks to advanced industry 4.0 software and hardware, the entire operation is under control with more than 12 sensors. It has the ability to prevent raw material production defects that may occur due to changes in different viscosity and temperature.

A Powerful Helper in the Industry

An injection molding machine that can increase your business capacity in many sectors, has been tested under the most difficult conditions and has received full marks from all tests.


Low cost wastage-free production with solvent-free mechanical molding head capable of molding with an accuracy of +-1gr throughout the day from 30 to 5,000 gr/second.

Polyurethane Injection Machine


Sandwich Panel Systems

In the construction sector, it provides the buildings with the advantage of protection against external factors and a solid stance, as well as insulation.


Pipe Insulation Polyurethane Systems

The use of high-performance insulation materials is required for the insulation of pipes, which is one of the most used materials in buildings and industrial structures.


Polyurethane Integral Foam Systems

Polyurethane systems help reduce emissions in vehicles due to their lightness.


Polyurethane Foam Systems

Seats produced with polyurethane foam take shape easily thanks to the flexibility feature of polyurethane. It protects your spine health and increases your comfort.

Office Furniture Polyurethane Foam Systems


Office Furniture Polyurethane Foam Systems

Polyurethane is frequently preferred in the production of office furniture. Polyurethane easily adapts to your body due to its easy shaping and recovery properties.

Viscoelastic Polyurethane Systems


Viscoelastic Polyurethane Systems

Polyurethane ensures longevity of visco sponges thanks to its high resistance feature.

Industrial and household refrigerator polyurethane systems


Industrial and household refrigerator polyurethane systems

Rigid polyurethane foams provide high efficiency in refrigerators with the insulation feature they offer thanks to their low thermal conductivity.

Industrial and household refrigerator polyurethane systems


Cold room and refrigerated case panel systems

They are two-component polyurethane systems developed for production with the discontiniue production method.

Boiler and solar energy polyurethane systems


Boiler and solar energy polyurethane systems

With solar energy panels, you can heat your water with the energy you get from nature, and you can minimize your heat loss with polyurethane insulated boilers.

Pig foam system for cleaning pipelines


Pig foam system for cleaning pipelines

Polyurethane has become the number one material in pig production because of its properties.

Why is the M Series injection machine preferred in many areas? because it is so different. powerful. high quality. fast.

You can easily use our M series polyurethane machine in steel and wooden doors, filling furniture, sponge form flexsi, automotive parts, refrigerator production, solar energy tank systems, defense industry, panel production and many other areas.

  • The best polyurethane injection machine with the best prices
  • Power and precision is easy for M Series
  • A machine that cares about your health
All technical information of M Series polyurethane injection machine
(*) Please indicate the voltage information of the machine to our customer representative when ordering.

Europe-Asia-Africa-Australia America
Max kw 25 to 100 25 to 100
Voltage 350-415 220-240
Phase 3 Ø Y 3 Ø Δ
Hz 50 60
Amps 45-150 60-160
Max Fluid Output(25°C) 500 to 5000 gr/sn 500 to 5000 gr/sn
Max Fluid Pressure(20°C) 1,5 mpa 150 bar 2175 psi 1,5 mpa 150 bar 2175 psi
Adjustable Pressure 30 bar – 150 bar 30 bar – 150 bar
Net Weight Sorunsuz Sorunsuz
Max Oil Pressure 200 bar 2,0 mpa 200 bar 2,0 mpa
Max Chemical Temp. 60°C 60°C
Oil Tank 40 lt. 40 lt.
Voltage Codes
(*) All measurements has been made while equipments work at full power
M Series frequently asked questions
  • Is solvent required for casting head cleaning?

    The cleaning of the casting head is mechanical, it is an environmentally friendly casting head that cares about human health and provides economical cleaning.

  • How many grams of molding can be taken at the lowest?

    You can make molding from 30 gr/sec to 5.000 gr/sec

  • How many products can we make in a day?

    It varies depending on the injection weight, but the head can work an average of 4,000 times a day.

  • Does ATG provide mold, training and raw material support to its customers?

    We have training, mold production and chemical services. We provide a turnkey solution for our customers.

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