M Series PU Injection Machine

Wide Screen

15" Wide Screen and Touch Screen

Weekend Mode

Weekend Mode

Remote access

Always control with remote access

Polyurethane Injection Machine

Ease of Use

Provides ease of use

Flow Meter

Flow Meter


2 year warranty, 10 years of spare part possession

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Technical information

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Max kw 25 to 100 25 to 100
Voltage 350-415 220-240
Phase 3 Ø Y 3 Ø Δ
Hz 50 60
Amps 45-150 60-160
Max Fluid Output(25°C) 500 to 5000 gr/sn 500 to 5000 gr/sn
Max Fluid Pressure(20°C) 1,5 mpa 150 bar 2175 psi 1,5 mpa 150 bar 2175 psi
Adjustable Pressure 30 bar – 150 bar 30 bar – 150 bar
Net Weight Sorunsuz Sorunsuz
Max Oil Pressure 200 bar 2,0 mpa 200 bar 2,0 mpa
Max Chemical Temp. 60°C 60°C
Oil Tank 40 lt. 40 lt.

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M Series

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